Welcome to the Special Education Department

All students with disabilities living within the school district shall be identified and evaluated in regard to their needs for special education services. Special education services are available for students with disabilities who have reached their third birthday and who have not yet reached their twenty-second birthday as of September 1st of the current scholastic year. A free and appropriate public education shall be available to students with visual or auditory disabilities from birth through age twenty-one (21). Muleshoe Independent School District assures that placement of identified students will be in the least restrictive environment through the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) process. The ARD committee meetings provide an opportunity for parents/guardians to provide valuable information and also participate in the decision making process for their child.

Parents are welcome to contact the Special Education office if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Darla Myatt
Muleshoe ISD
Special Education Director
(806) 272-7323

Legal Framework for the Child-Centered Process This site provides access to important legal information for parents and families of students with disabilities. It is a template that summarizes state and federal requirements for special education by topic. Important documents included on this website include:

  • Notice of Procedural Safeguards § Aviso Sobre Procedimientos de Proteccíon

  • A Guide to the Admission, Review and Dismissal Process

  • Guia para el Proceso de Admisíon, Revisíon, y Retiro

  • Side-by-side view of Special Education Rules and Regulations Transition Resources

This site provides detailed information and resources regarding the transition and graduation process for students with disabilities.

Texas Project FIRST
A project of the Texas Education Agency committed to providing accurate and consistent information to parents and families of students with disabilities. ______________ Transition and Employment Guide